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Shkodër: A Gourmet Retreat in Albania 

Nestled between the mountains and Lake Shkodër, Shkodër is a dream destination for travelers and  food enthusiasts. This historic Albanian city boasts a rich culinary heritage which is deeply rooted into the country’s history, land and culture. Take a delightful tour to Shkodër and explore the best of Albanian cuisine.

Flija is one of the iconic Albanian specialties. It’s a traditional Albanian layered pancake featuring only simple ingredients like flour, water, and dairy. They bake over an open flame and served with yogurt or honey. What a delicious fusion of textures and tastes!

Krap Ne Tavë is a must-try for seafood lovers. Krap Ne Tavë is a flavorous baked  mix of locally caught carp, vegetables and fragrant herbs.

Hearty meat dishes are staples of the cuisine of Shkodër. Tavë Dheu is one of them. This specialty features lamb or veal,rice, yogurt, and a rich tomato sauce. The sauce gives slow-cooked meat delicate and savory flavors.

Kulaç is another must-try while visiting Shkodër. Kulaç  is a round, rustic bread. They typically serve it with cheese, olives, and many more mezze style appetizers. It gores well with any of the local delicacies

Ballokume is a perfect choice for those with a sweet tooth. These traditional Albanian sweets are made with almonds and sugar. Enjoy them with a cup of robust Albanian coffee.

If you wish to add an authentic accompaniment to your meal, homemade raki, a strong fruit brandy would be a perfect pairing for any of the specialty of your choice. Raki is considered to be the symbol of hospitality.

Set off on an unforgettable culinary voyage to the Adriatic coast. Shkodër is awaiting!

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