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Houston by type of cuisine

Houston, We Have No Gourmet Problems!

It’s time to change the scenery and explore the culinary scene of Houston. Let Eatagram be your guide.

As a gastrocultural melting pot of the USA, Houston beckons foodies with its iconic food and lovely vibes.

Wondering what to try first as you set foot in Houston? Start with a taste of Houston's iconic Tex-Mex cuisine. You definitely should try fajitas with grilled meat and peppers. They’re typically served with warm tortillas. You can also go with tacos with beef or chorizo with salsa and guacamole on top.

If you’re a fan of Texas barbecue, drop in at a smokehouse. Enjoy brisket, slow-cooked over mesquite or oak wood. Be sure to savor smoky ribs with barbecue sauce and beans.

Seafood enthusiasts can luxuriate in the city's famous Gulf Coast seafood like gumbo with shrimps, crabs, and okra.

A glass of ice-cold sweet tea will refresh you on a hot day. If you’re a fan of beer, take a chance to sample local craft beers.

Houston is a hub for multicultural culinary traditions. You’ll find Vietnamese pho, Korean barbecue, Indian curry and more.

Come to Texas for an unforgettable dining experience and impressions!

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