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Graz: A Gourmet Melody Delights of he Heart of Austria

Nestled in Austria's picturesque "Green Heart”, Graz boasts an exquisite fusion of authentic and contemporary culinary traditions. The capital of the Styria region promises exceptional dining experiences.

Styrian pumpkin seed oil is an excellent start of your culinary tour to Graz. They add the oil to fresh salads or enjoy it as a dip for bread. You definitely should avor its unique taste.

Don’t miss out trying another staple of the Austrian diet – Brettljause. It’s a hearty medley of cold cuts, cheeses, and fresh bread. You can share this traditional Styrian snack with your company. Moreover, it goes well with a glass of local wine.

Backhendl is another must-try in Graz. It’s a crispy and delicate fried chicken dish. It's a popular Austrian classical meal. They serve it with potato salad and a slice of lemon.

A slice of Kardinalschnitte is a perfect dessert to end your meal with. It’s a delicate layered cake made with apricot jam and a fluffy meringue on top. This sweet treat is a blend of aesthetic and flavorful delight.

Take your time to visit traditional coffee houses of Gratz scattered across the historic city center. There you can Enjoy a cup of coffee and pair it with a slice of Esterházytorte.

Graz's culinary landscape is rooted deeply into its rich cultural heritage. Chefs keep creating a blend of tastes you’ll never forget.

Traditions and innovations meet in this city to give you unforgettable memories of Austria's "Green Heart."

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