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by Oksana Borys

10 Most Notable Dining Establishments In Munich

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It’s time to reveal 10 most popular restaurants in Munich. We’re happy to share our impressive dining experiences and invite you to explore our favorite locations in the capital city of Bavaria.

Feinkost Lisa
Westendstraße 143, Munich, Germany

Feinkost Lisa is reasonably our favorite, with its excellent Bavarian cuisine with a contemporary touch and its ambient and cozy interior. 

Restaurant Atelier Gourmet
Rablstrasse 37, Munich, Germany

Atelier, the city’s only restaurant with three Michelin stars, boasts a prime location in the Bayerischer Hof hotel and one of the most renowned German chefs, Jan Hartwig.

Café Wunderbar
97, Schopenhauerstraße, Munich, Germany

If you’re a total coffee addict, be sure to explore Café Wunderbar with its distinctive coffee culture, upscale coffee blends, and exquisite handcrafted desserts. 

Monte Gelati Eismanufaktur
17, Montgelasstraße, Munich, Germany

Monte Gelati Eismanufaktur invites all ice cream lovers to taste its artisanal masterpieces. A true gelateria in the humming neighbourhood of Munich! 

Augustiner Schützengarten
Zielstattstr. 6, Munich, Germany

Augustiner Schützengarten in a must-visit in Munich if you’re in love with Bavarian meat and beer culture. The establishment stands out with its  hospitality, high quality meat specialties, and the iconic Augustiner beer.

Muhlbaurstrasse 36, Munich, Germany

Another national restaurant worth visiting is Acquarello. It’s been considered to be one of the best Italian dining locations in Germany since 2000 and has been curated by chef Mario Gamba. 

Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant
Maximilianstr. 17, Munich, Germany

We also recommend that you pay attention to Schwarzreiter, which holds one Michelin star and boasts a premium setting in Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich. The restaurant stands out with its excellent innovative Bavarian cuisine.

Il Basilico
11, Pfanzeltplatz, Munich, Germany

If you’d love to sample Italian food with a  Bavarian twist, discover Il Basilico. Its relaxed Italian vibes and exceptional hospitality will steal your heart.

Restaurant Gabelspiel
Zehentbauernstr. 20, Munich, Germany

A small 20-seat restaurant Gabelspiel provides a cozy atmosphere and contemporary cuisine and promotes sustainability.

Restaurant Sparkling Bistro
Amalienstr. 89, Eingang Tuerkenstrasse, Munich, Germany

If you prefer minimalist aesthetics, be sure to dine at Sparkling Bistro. The restaurant is located within the Amalienpassage shopping center and provides an elegant dining experience.

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