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by Oksana Borys

15 Must-Visit Restaurants In Cologne In 2024

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Eatgram presents the top 15 most noteworthy dining establishments in Cologne to showcase the unique culinary heritage of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Gaststätte Zirkel
Braunstr. 20, Cologne, Germany

Gaststätte Zirkel  is all about classic traditional German fare, cozy ambient atmosphere, and a strong emphasis on the farm-to-table approach. 

Adana Et Restaurant
Weidengasse 42-44, Cologne, Germany

Adana Et Restaurant  offers a contemporary touch on authentic Turkish specialties, fresh high quality ingredients, and enchanting Oriental vibes. The establishment focuses on Adana kebabs and Turkish bread.

Knippschild Werk 2
4, An der Kemperwiese, Cologne, Germany

If you prefer industrial chic interiors, check out  Knippschild Werk 2. This dining location is a refurbished factory. Its innovative and highly creative menu and contemporary atmosphere create absolutely unique diing experiences.

The best Sushi
Sandweg 59, Cologne, Germany

Foodies with an affection for Japanese cuisine shouldn’t miss out on visiting The best Sushi restaurant. It stands out with absolute Japanese authenticity and high-end service.

CARUSO Pastabar
Kasparstrasse 19, Cologne, Germany

Caruso Pastabar is a must-visit for every Italian food enthusiast. This classy restaurant focuses on homemade pasta with a unique contemporary twist.

Piers Kitchen
14, Stammheimer Straße, Cologne, Germany

Piers Kitchen benefits from its waterfront setting and offers incomparable al fresco dining experiences and the  impeccable service. The restaurant is appreciated for its exquisite European food.


Peters Brauhaus
Muehlengasse 1, Cologne, Germany

Peters Brauhaus in the Altstadt boasts a mesmerizing design including a stained glass dome and classic German delicacies like Himmel un Äd and Halve Hahn.

El Inca Restaurant
Goerresstr. 2, Cologne, Germany

The name El Inca Restaurant speaks for itself. This unique establishment is the epitome of Inca aesthetics and the culinary authenticity of Latin and South American cuisine. 

Restaurant Imperial
Frankfurter Str. 641, Cologne, Germany

Restaurant Imperial is a synonym for upscale service and luxurious dining experiences. The restaurant offers sophisticated classic German cuisine masterfully blended with international influences. 

Bai Lu Noodles
Palmstrasse 41, Cologne, Germany

Bai Lu Noodles in the Belgian Quarter beckons Thai and Chinese food lovers with its flavorful food and a spacious patio. 

Clever Strasse 32, Cologne, Germany

Gruber's offers Austrian and European cuisine with a focus on Central European gastro culture. 

Ristorante Sardinia
Goltsteinstrasse 118, Cologne, Germany

Sardinia Ristorante is a miniature of Sardinia in the heart of Cologne. The restaurant serves classic pastas like shaved truffle tagliatelle and fascinating dinner shows.

Augustin Restaurant Cologne
32, Dagobertstraße, Cologne, Germany

Augustin Restaurant Cologne boasts a cozy setting in a historic building and an ambient, welcoming interior. Its menu is rich in creative blends of European and German culinary traditions.

115, Dellbrücker Hauptstraße, Cologne, Germany

Visit Naschwerk if you prefer Mediterranean dishes with a distinct German touch. 

Restaurant La Société Köln
Kyffhauser Str. 53, Cologne, Germany

Restaurant La Société Köln will be a perfect choice for foodies who adore French elegance and German excellence with an accent on the farm-to-table dining experience.

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