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by Oksana Borys

Manchester's Culinary Scene : Top 5 Restaurants To Visit This Tear

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From our experience, exploring the city’s dining locations is the best way to get the whole picture of the local cuisine.

Eatagram invites you to explore the culinary scene of Manchester with our guide to the top five high-end restaurants to visit in 2024.

From the innovative tasting menus of Adam Reid at The French to the authentic Neapolitan pizzas of Double Zero, this list is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts. Discover the unique blend of international cuisines at The Sparrows, the unparalleled dining views at Climat, and the diverse food offerings at Exhibition MCR, all set within Manchester's dynamic food scene. Ideal for food bloggers, restaurant reviewers, and gastronomes, this guide highlights the best dining experiences Manchester has to offer, each restaurant showcasing creativity, authenticity, and culinary excellence.

Are you ready to get the most out of your dining experience in Manchester?

Lazy Panda Pan Asian
570 Ashton New Road, Manchester, United Kingdom

Lazy Panda Pan Asian is known for its laid-back atmosphere and an impressive choice of high quality dim sum, sushi rolls and curries. 

4, Norfolk Street, Manchester, United Kingdom

STERLING Bar benefits from its prime location in the city center. The establishment boasts an exquisite collection of world class wines, cocktails, and artisanal spirits. 

Italiana Fifty Five Great Northern
Great Northern Square, Manchester, United Kingdom

Italiana Fifty Five Great Northern offers modern interpretations of traditional Italian recipes with a distinctive British touch. The restaurant provides unparalleled ambient vibes and offers an array of authentic Italian specialties and an impressive wine list.

J's Kitchen
Ashton Old Road, Manchester, United Kingdom

Located in the city center, J's Kitchen boasts a unique innovative fusion of traditional British food and global influences with a backdrop of its cozy, laid-back atmosphere.

Finders Keepers
13, Keepers Quay, Manchester, United Kingdom

Finders Keepers ensures an incomparable drinking experience, offering an impressive selection of craft beers, cocktails, and high quality wines.

So, What Are The City's Top Eateries Up To?

Now that our culinary tour around Manchester is almost over, it’s time to listen to your guts and make it clear which restaurant suits your cravings best. Would you opt with the sophisticated and modern British fare at Adam Reid? Or would you go with the authentic Italian touches at Double Zero? Each restaurant tells a unique story, and it tells it through meals. Climat's breathtaking views complement its fine cuisine, while Exhibition MCR's historical setting enriches its diverse gastronomic offerings. The Sparrows adds an international twist toits European dumplings. 

The good news is: wherever you dine, you’ll find yourself at home if you’re in Manchester.

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