Otherworld Theatre Performance Venue and Bar Bar in Chicago

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Intimate theater space with eclectic decor and fun vibe. Enjoyed seeing a show here, and the cocktails are tasty!
This was incredibly fun. I recommend it for all.
First time visit, recommended by an ethnic friend, as it is a Korean BBQ, and the friend is Korean. Menu was simple and limited items to order. Waited notice we are not Korean and seems first time visit. Introduced and explained to us what they served. He even takes back an item when it did not seems to be the one we want to order; but, it didn't go to waste, as all items were raw and to be cooked by the table. We had plenty to eat and we have second order. Side dishes were nice but not as plentiful and less choices than other Korean BBQ place. The place is on the pricey side. Simple decor and nice table. Will make a return visit soon.
B Lemke
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A month ago
Very cute theater. One of the people putting on a performance kept getting mad at us for talking in the lobby, when the person at the desk was talking to us. Maybe they need more soundproofing. Idk, left a bad taste in my mouth but I'll give another chance.
Jude Denning
Source: google
2 months ago
Literally the coolest place I've ever been. I just went on a tour, haven't gotten to experience a performance yet, but I was already blown away by the amount of love put into this space. The owner and performers are clearly super passionate and love to entertain!!
AMAZING production of Puffs! This company has some outstanding talent. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from the moment we walked in the door, to the raucous laughter instigated by the show, to the wonderful bar (which served Malort, among other libations). It was an unforgettable experience. 💞🙌 YAY, Otherworld!
Janeen Tumbao
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7 months ago
I saw Macbeth by the Sea today. Wonderful performance! Lots of cute little artsy bits all over the place. And it has a mini bar there too.
Ginny Weant
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10 months ago
10/10- this is one of my favorite places in all of Chicago. It’s not just a theatre, but an incredible community of artists, creatives, and audience members all connected through various niche fandoms and live theatre. Otherworld is solely dedicated to producing and supporting genre based theatre and the arts: from Star Wars and Sci-fi genres to DnD and High Fantasy Fandoms- there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The minute you walk into their theatre space on Clark St (Wrigleyville) you are immersed in a forest of fairy lights and spaceships! They have various affordable programming every weekend (some pay what you can shows) and a full bar. Definitely check this place out!
Such an amazing venue and atmosphere. Right across the street from the cemetery, the venue has more little nicnacks and decorations than you could see in one visit. I went for an intimate murder mystery experience, which was one of the best experiences I've had in a long time.
This storefront theater has undergone some major renovations to make it incredibly welcoming to both patrons and performers! The staff is friendly and accommodating. Patrons were required to wear masks and show proof of vaccination or negative covid test. I've been here before, but they've really taken things to another level!
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