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Tasting Bosnian Specialties In Tuzla

Tuzla will be a perfect destination, if you love Bosnian cuisine and historical cities. Let Eatagram be your culinary guide.

So, what are the local specialties not to be missed in Tuzla?

If you’re a meat enthusiast, we recommend that you start with Tuzlanski Ćevapi small, grilled sausages with spices like garlic. They are served with a traditional flatbread called somun. Be sure to try Bosanski Lonac, or Bosnian Pot. This meat and vegetable stew is very popular in Tuzla. It features beef, lamb, and chicken. Pair your meal with Šljivovica, a traditional Bosnian plum brandy. Here's to your culinary adventure in Tuzla!

Are you fond of pastries? luxuriate in piping hot Bosnian burek with minced meat, cheese, or spinach. Or treat yourself with Pita Tuzlanka, a delicious pastry filled with a savory mixture of minced meat, onions, and spices.

If you can’t imagine your day without a soup, go with Tuzlanska Begova Čorba with lamb or beef, vegetables, lentils, and herbs. 

For those with a sweet tooth, honey soaked baklava and Tufahija, poached apples stuffed with walnuts, sugar, and spices.

Coffee addicts will fall in love with Bosanska kafa, a traditional Bosnian coffee ceremony.

Come to Tuzla and enjoy authentic Bosnian fare.

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