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Bijeljina by type of cuisine

Enjoying The Authentic Flavors Of Bijeljina

If you’re craving Bosnian authentic food, visit Bijeljina and explore its unique cuisine with Eatagram!

If you’re new to Bosnian cuisine, Bijeljinski Ćevapi would be a perfect choice to start your culinary tour with. You’ll fall in love with Ćevapi small, grilled sausages with spices like garlic. They are served with a traditional flatbread called somun. 

Bijeljinski Gulaš will be a favorite for meat lovers. This slow-cooked beef and lamb stew with garlic, paprika is served with mashed potatoes and keeps you fueled for the whole day.

Freshwater fish enthusiasts will luxuriate in Šaran na Rašljama, grilled carp. It’s skewered on wooden sticks with salt, pepper, and herbs. They serve with a drizzle of lemon juice and grilled vegetables.

If you’re a pastry enthusiast, you’ll indulge in Pita sa Krompirom. This delicious pie is baked with potatoes, herbs, and spices. It’s served hot from the oven or enjoyed cold.

When it comes to desserts, be sure not to miss Bijeljinski Slatkiši, Bosnian sweets that include baklava and hurmašice biscuites.

Coffee addicts will fall in love with Bosanska kafa, a traditional Bosnian coffee ceremony. Enjoy your cup of coffee and your time in Bijeljina!

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